About Us

SPNIG (spnig.com) or Smartphones Prices in Nigeria started as Samsung Prices Nigeria (samsungpricesnigeria.com) which was in no way shape or form related to the manufacturing giant.

It was an information website that updated Nigerians about the prices of Samsung mobile phones in Nigeria. We rebranded on the 24th of November 2023. 

How it Started

When Rasaq started this website in February of 2021, his main objective was to provide Nigerians with all the information they need to know about Samsung Phones in Nigeria especially their latest prices and how they perform in real-life usage.

Across different categories of the website, he provides information, prices, comparison, and buying guides for entry-level, mid-range, and flagship Samsung phones that you can get your hands on in the country or that can be imported into the country.

Samsung is one of the most used smartphones in Nigeria but mostly by the rich but that's changing gradually because of their recent focus on the mid-range markets.

In light of these recent changes, numerous Nigerians have no problem switching from their current manufacturer to Samsung but they need help.

Help such as providing information about the best phones at a certain price range, best phones in a certain category, and comparison of two related smartphones but varying specs and prices to help them make a good decision as a Nigerian Buyer.

This site was basically for the latest prices of Samsung smartphones, a list of the best phones, and a comparison of somewhat closely similar phones. If any of the above is what you want, then this is surely where you should be.

But that was then, things have changed now so we are changing with it.

We Have a New Mission

While the main reason SPN (Samsung Prices Nigeria) was started was to give Samsung Lovers in Nigeria accurate prices of the manufacturer's latest devices, the problem that existed then no longer exists, or let me say it is being handled and will most likely not be a problem in a few years.

It is natural to want to know what the problem was, right? Don't worry, I will tell you.

In 2021, it is hard to know the real price of a smartphone in Nigeria because the websites that Google was ranking on the front page were not run from Nigeria, all the owners did was convert the price in US Dollars to Naira using the official exchange rate and they are always very wrong.

Our approach at SPN was to use prices from various stores online and offline to give Nigerians an average of what the real prices are in various stores across the country.

But in late 2023, thanks to different Google Algorithm Updates, E-Commerce websites that actually do sell these phones are ranking well and in most cases outranking these websites providing wrong information and that led us to think our work in that area might be done.

As of 19th, November 2023, SPN became an E-Commerce store where Samsung phones, wearables, tablets, accessories, etc will be sold.

As of 24th, November 2023, it has become SPNIG which stands for Smartphone Prices in Nigeria. We no longer want to limit this to Samsung Phones but all major smartphone brands in Nigeria.

But we will take it slow by offering what we are already offering and slowly extend it to other brands.

At this initial stage, we will be helping our audience source for vendors that sell Cheap New Samsung phones and ship them faster. But it is our vision to make sure we do not rely on these vendors forever to serve our audience and also extend to other brands like Apple, Xiaomi, Infinix, Tecno, and Nokia.

Our Vision

To become a wholesaler of Smartphones in Nigeria and work with professionals who can deliver them to our clients anywhere in Nigeria fast.

We don't just want to sell Samsung Phones, Wearables, and Accessories but also those of Apple, Tecno, Xiaomi, Nokia, and Infinix.

Finally, we intend to provide valuable information about the day-to-day usage of these products in the form of reviews on YouTube.

How We Source for Our Products

At the moment, when you place an order through us, we use the information you provided to us to place the order on your behalf from one of our favorite and trusted vendors or suppliers.

We of course are going to gain from this process and we will not refund that profit to you upon you finding out about this approach and process after receiving your order.

If there is anything wrong with the product, we will assist you in returning it but whether it is accepted or not depends on the vendor or supplier we buy from and we will not be held liable or take responsibility for their mistake.

In the near future, we intend to fulfill these orders by ourselves using our own warehouse for stock-keeping and our own shipping process to foster a smooth experience.