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There is Reportedly Not Going to Be a Samsung Galaxy A74

Samsung A73 5G is reportedly not going to have a successor because the A7x series is being canceled.

Like the A73 5G, its successors like the A72 and A71 were the most premium Samsung mid-range phones and now it seems the series might be canceled.

That will make the Samsung A5x series become the new king and most premium A series phone starting with the Samsung A54.

Just so you know, this is not official from Samsung and might turn out to be wrong but the data on the ground line up.

When I first heard of this, the first thing that came to my mind was that there has been no need for that series for about 2 years now anyway because the A52 sold more than the A72, and the sales story is the same between the A53 5G and A73 5G.

It was even worse for the A73 5G because I find it easier to recommend the A52s 5G and A53 5G than the A73 5G. After all, the A73 5G uses the same processor as the A52s 5G which is where it has a little edge over the A53 5G, and the A52s 5G is cheaper now.

The three devices use the same display and display protection and have the same battery capacity and charging speed. The only place the A73 5G can perform a little better over both the A52s 5G and A53 5G is in the rear camera.

Now that the sales number is telling them to either offer more on the A7x series or scrap it totally because it is not offering great value for money and it seems they might be going for the latter.

Another reason for this speculation was that we have continuously had a series of information coming out over the last couple of months about the upcoming Samsung A14, A24, A34, and A54 whereas there has been none about the Samsung A74.

The final reason is that there are new manufacturers out there that are offering phones with flagship processors and camera capabilities at the price of the Galaxy A7x series and Samsung can't seem to compete with them.

Now, there is a possibility that they might have done a great job preventing details about the A74 from coming out but it is more probable that there is not going to be a Samsung A74 and that is why there has been no information or detail about it revealed.

But let's wait and see what happens in mid or late February 2023 if the A73 5G will have a successor or not. And will they fill up that space with another phone that has more to offer or will they just let go totally?
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