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Samsung Could Launch its First Foldable Laptop in 2023

Samsung announced its first foldable smartphone in 2019 though went through a rough patch, it has since been significantly adopted which has also translated to more shipped foldable phones. Their success has attracted competitors such as Oppo and Xiaomi to the foldable market.

It is believed that Samsung is planning to replicate that success in the PC world by launching a Foldable Laptop which they will be able to use to demonstrate that they can take what they have learned from the Samsung Flip and Fold phones and implement it on a larger form factor.

It will take collaboration among different subsidiaries of the company to make this happen and I have no doubt that can pull this off. Whether it will be commercially and globally available next year is what no one can say for sure at this point.

The first Samsung foldable laptop was reportedly said, ought to have been announced this year but was postponed till 2023 for reason(s) only known to them.

According to a Korean publication, Samsung Display is planning to manufacture over 8.5 million OLED panels in 2023 and they will be supplying some of those to another subsidiary of Samsung responsible for manufacturing Galaxy Laptops for their first foldable Laptop.

This laptop as you might have imagined will feature a foldable OLED display that can fold in half like the current laptop (when opened).

When unfolded or opened, you will be able to use the upper vertical screen as the display while the bottom screen will serve as a virtual keyboard and touchpad/trackpad.

Each of the upper and bottom screens is said to be a 13.3-inch diagonal display. The entire 17.3-inch OLED screen will be a touchscreen and will support Stylus Pen. At the moment, there isn't much information about the Samsung foldable laptop.

Samsung won't be the first manufacturer to launch a foldable laptop as there are already some at the moment. ASUS (Zenfold 17 Fold OLED) and Lenovo (ThinkPad X1 Fold) already have foldable Laptops and Samsung will also be competing with other possible new entrants like HP in 2023 and Apple later on.

I believe the adoption of the foldable laptop will be swift and it is the future. It will be expensive in the beginning but with time, a better understanding of the technology behind its designs and functions, more competition, and more of them being produced will eventually force the price to significantly drops

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